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Shaftless screw conveyor

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  • MaterialSTS304

[Reentec Engineering Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Shaftless screw conveyor has bigger transfer capacity than general conveyor.  

It has great strength to mass transfer of mixed matter and has long distance transferable by 1piece. It can transfer particle, sludge, ash, paste, sand, cake, compost, food waste and etc. 



- Bigger transfer capacity than general conveyor

- Great strength to mass transfer of mixed matter

- Long distance transferable by 1piece

- Long useful life

- Easy daily check & easy maintenance


Application area

- Waste disposal site (food waste & industrial waste)

- Fish processing factory / animal feed factory / paper manufactory

- Wastewater treatment plant

- Food factory (dried food, half dried food, sticky food and etc.)

- Incineration plant (indutrial waste, ash, dust and etc.)

- Chemical plant (compost, plastic, powder, granule and etc.)


Basic specification

- Capacity : 0.1ton/h ~ 4.1ton/h

- Screw DIA : Ø100 ~ Ø500

- Material : STS304

- Power : 0.4kW ~ 5.5kW 

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Shaftless screw conveyor