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Multi-stage wet scrubber

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[Reentec Engineering Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Wet scrubber can removes odor or harmful gases easily by using chemical reaction and physical absorption.

It is multi stage deodorizing equipment that increases contact efficiency of odorous gas and chemical liquid.

Multi-stage of scrubber deodorize odor by neutralization reaction and oxidation reaction which are made by vapor-liquid equilibrium.
※ Designed as a centrifuging structure to enhance the performance for the dust and the gas-liquid separation. 



● Excellent deodorizing efficiency

● Easy maintenance

● Drastically reduced the water consumption

● Reduction of water usage, chemical usage also save

● Wastewater reduction

● Number of check is reduced to less than half.

● Maintain a constant gas treatment performance

● No performance loss due to internal contamination deodorizer



- Capacity : 150 ~ 800m3/min

- Material : STS304, FRP
- Power : 25kW ~ 100kW/h



● Sewage/manure disposal plant

● Food waste disposal plant

● Stockbreeding farmhouse / livestock wastewater treatment

● Sludge Treatment Process/ chemical factory / oil refinery

● Food processing process odor removal

● Other odor processing